Student Teams 2017

Student Teams

Elementary Robotics wants to spark an interest in STEM at a young age by utilizing a robotics competition to capture children’s imagination.
University: The College of New Jersey Students/Presenters: Sarah Sleiman, Dominic Clark, Megha Rathi, Skyler Maxwel

The Buzz will offer a healthy, traditional drink product at an affordable cost that is totally unique in a current untapped market.
Affiliation: Fairleigh Dickinson University
Student/Presenter: Rachel Catena

VentureMe’s app will allow users to plan, pay for, and attend multiple suggested venues with just one purchase. Affiliation: Stevens Institute of Technology
Students: Ephraim Russo, Daniel Heyman, CJ Internicola
Presenter: Ephraim Russo

Trend Pie inspires, hires and pays influencers to communicate with their followers on Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram in a fun and engaging way.
Affiliation: Seton Hall University
Student/Presenter: Victor Ricci

MJY Innovations’ products enable beverage consumers to create their own customized beverage based on their preferences.
Affiliation: Rider University
Student/Presenter: Michael Young

Orca is a social app that simplifies and solves the issue of
coordinating schedules with friends.
Affiliation: New Jersey Institute of Technology
Students: Mansha Kohli, Antonio Mistretta
Presenter: Mansha Kohli

Brainify is an automated and interactive learning database, that can be purchased by subscription. University: William Paterson University Students/Presenters: Anthony Ferraiolo, Brian Potoczak

Nanovations’ goal is to create cleaner and more sustainable electronic devices.
Affiliation: Ramapo College
Students/Presenters: David Howard, Matthew Chiusano

Social Throne is an E-Commerce/Sharing Economy company aimed at connecting people with a certain resource with those who need it, and facilitating business transactions between them.
Affiliation: Saint Peter’s University Students: Devin Varela, Marcus Weinstein Presenter: Devin Varela

Elaion is a holistic tattoo aftercare solution. Affiliation: Montclair State University Students/Presenters: Kristen Martinelli, Alexis Johnson, Sophie Kunert

PROFInstruments develops highly portable, flexible and user friendly material testing platforms to serve the STEM education communities and small business entities. Affiliation: Rowan University
Students/Presenters: Alexander Wildgoose, Vanessa Fernandez, Ishraqul Wara, Justin Kerr

Pedul is the most personal and secure way for students to fundraise their higher education expenses online. Affiliation: Rutgers University
Students: Chisa Egbelu, Kayla Jackson
Presenter: Kayla Jackson

SignSchool is a revolutionary online platform to help people learn American Sign Language (ASL). Affiliation: Princeton University
Students: Colin Lualdi, Jack Hudson, Evan Corden
Presenter: Colin Lualdi
UPitchNJ – Friday, April 28, 2017
Friend Center, Princeton University